Microblading Tips

Could your technique be killing your results? Top 5 Most Important technical skills when it comes to Microblading


There are many challenges in performing microblading properly to obtain the best brows. One of the biggest questions we receive is how do we get such flawless crisp results every time! The secret is technique and the needles! http://www.lukxbrows.com/shop/12-pin-ultra-thin-nano-needles-pack

1. Depth is critical! 

If you go too shallow you will only land in the epidermis layer of the skin, and the color won’t stay. If you go too deep, you can cause scarring and the color will heal too ashy.

A tell tail sign you’ve hit the “sweet spot” is when you see small channel from the blade left in the skin, often times marked by slight bleeding.

Position the angle of the blade so that the needles starting and ending point glide as flat as possible across the skins surface.

All needles should be the exact same depth within the skin until you pull out. Don’t angle the needle neither on its butt or on the tip, keep it angled straight up and down the entire pull.

If you practice completely even and straight strokes your healed results will come back perfect!


Stretching the skin is by Fare one of the most important factors when it comes to Microblading and getting good results. The key mastering the 3 point stretch. 

This is taught in my trainings.  



3. Angle

Entering into the skin with your needle angled even the slightest causes the pigment to migrate underneath. Therefore, although your client may leave the appointment with seemingly perfect brows, eventually the strokes will look blurry and ashy due to the pigment being placed sideways.

4. Needles

itnis important that you are using high quality needles to give you the best healed results. Shop our needles here: http://www.lukxbrows.com/shop/12-pin-ultra-thin-nano-needles-pack

5. Pace

its important that you go slow, steady and consistent when it comes to pace. Please don’t get caught up in the speed of getting done quickly your results will suffer from it.  


Im confident that mastering these important techniques will improve your Microblading results for more beautiful brows! Practice practice practice.