Before your appointment..

DO bring in reference pictures if you have an ideal shape or color.

You may fill in your brows as you normally do before you come to your appointment so we can take in consideration the shape you prefer.

DO NOT drink alcohol or take any blood thinning medications (I.e. Aspirin, Ibuprofen, Niacin, etc.) 24 hours before your appointment.

DO NOT get excessive sun or use a tanning bed 30 days BEFORE and AFTER your appointment.

After your appointment...

A sealant is applied directly after that needs to stay on for the next 3 days. (DONOT WASH OFF)

You may experience redness and swelling up to 48 hours following.

The microbladed area will appear around 40% darker and bolder during the initial healing process.

In the first week you will begin to see the area soften and the color will start to lighten while healing.

The strokes may become itchy and flaky during the first two weeks. *Do not pick/scratch the pigment*

*Please note that in the first 6 weeks the amount of pigment that you notice fades varies from client to client. You may feel like you are loosing too much color; please be advised that the skin regenerates the pigment and the healing process can in some cases hide the strokes completely. You must allow the full healing time of 6 weeks to see the true color.*

How do I care for my brows?

In the first 72 hours keep area dry.

For 7 days apply the balm 3 times a day, with a cotton swab.

Before each application cleanse the area with a cotton swab and just a dab of water.

Avoid soaps for 10 days when cleansing your face or showering.

If needed after 48 hours you are able to apply moisturizer before balm to prevent dryness/itchiness.