What is Microblading?

Microblading is a semi-permanent cosmetic that uses hair-thin strokes to provide a client with the optimal shape, color, density, and thickness of brows based on their personal preferences and what is complimentary to their face. This provides a very natural look compared to permanent cosmetics and/or tattooing.

What is the difference between Microblading and Tattooing/Permanent cosmetics?

Microblading is a semi- permanent cosmetic which allows you versatility going forward. You will be able to adjust your brows as needed while looking natural. Plus, no more filling in!

Do you use a tattoo gun or machine?
Eyebrow embroidery is different from traditional tattooing in that no electrical machinery is used. I use a hand tool to insert the pigment into the skin in fine, feathered lines that mimic hair strokes.

Are you trained & certified?
Yes, I was trained and certified in eyebrow embroidery by Parneet Kaur with Threaded Beauty Inc. 

How long does the procedure take?
The procedure itself takes approximately one hour. However, on your first visit, please expect your appointment to last about 2 hours, which will include the consultation and pre-draw.

How do you select the color and shape?
During your consultation, we will discuss your preferences. Together, we will pre-draw the shape and design of your brows. I will not begin the tattooing process until you have approved the color and design.

Does it hurt?
Eyebrow embroidery is not as invasive, and therefore not as painful, as traditional tattoo. A topical numbing cream is applied to the brow area prior to the procedure to minimize discomfort. Most clients say that the tattooing process feels similar to having their eyebrows threaded or waxed.

Is there any downtime?
You can go right back to work after the procedure. However, your brow area may feel tender and slightly swollen for a few days. You may resume exercise after 3 days. I advise against swimming or drenching your brows with water for one week, until your brows are fully healed.

How long does it take to heal?
Your brows should be fully healed within 7-10 days.  

What will my brows look while they are healing?
The tattoo will look up to 30% darker and larger during the first week, until it fully heals.  During the healing process, the tattoo may form a light scab or crust. This is not very noticeable and can be concealed with brow gel or powder after 3 days until the scab fully comes off in 7-10 days.

What aftercare products should I use?
I will supply you with an aftercare balm to apply while the tattoo heals. You should also buy baby wipes to cleanse the tattooed area for the first week.

How do I prolong the life of my eyebrow tattoo?
To keep your tattoo looking its best, avoid getting it wet until it is completely healed. Always wear sunscreen SPF 30 or higher on the tattooed area when you are exposed to the sun or it will fade much faster. Avoid exfoliating the tattooed area and never wax your brows, as it can fade the tattoo. Don't apply skincare with retinol, acids, acne medications, or use scrubs near your tattoo.

How often will I need touch-ups and how much do they cost?
Your tattoo will not fade completely for up to 2 years. I recommend scheduling touch-ups at least once a year to keep the color fresh. Touch-ups will cost $75-$250, depending on how long you wait between appointments.

What is an enhancement session?

The enhancement session is 4-6 weeks after the initial appointment. This is to allow the brows to heal as well as to give the client time to get adjusted to their brows. At the enhancement session we will talk about if the client wishes to make any changes in regards to color, thickness, density etc. We will then touch up the brows according to those preferences.

If you have any further questions please feel free to contact me here